We are excited to work with you to boost your website’s presence in search engine results and expose more users to your business to help it grow!

First, let’s define our goals so we know how to measure the success of our efforts.


Search Engine Optimization Campaign Goals

  • Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking and related web properties (like Yelp listings, Social Media Accounts, etc.) for relevant and valuable keyword search terms.
  • Establish your site as a top authority in your industry.
  • Increase overall Organic Search Traffic to your website.
  • Increase new business leads from all web properties.

We structure our SEO services to be as hands-off for you as possible. All you have to do is check and approve the work we’re doing. But, if you want to do more of the writing and content creation yourself, then we can focus on other techniques like outreach and link-building.

If you choose to write your content, we can assist by providing suggested content topics and keywords, as well as some guidance on how to create content that search engines love. As we publish your content, our team will do a final optimization to ensure it will be effective.


Key Features


Targeted Traffic

By targeting our campaigns precisely, we attract visitors who are primed to take action on your site, like signing up, making purchases, or contacting you.

Proven Strategies

Our SEO strategies are based on the best documented and up-to-date ranking factors published by the top search algorithm authorities in the industry.

Personalized Service

Our SEO team takes the time to understand your unique business needs to deliver a tailor-made campaign as though you did it yourself.

Safe & Spam-Free

Research shows that providing users with real, valuable content is the #1 factor for high search engine rankings. We don’t use any cheats or spam techniques which could put your site at risk (unlike some agencies). Our methods are based on trust and transparency.

Undeniable Results

We send you regular, detailed reports showing your ongoing SEO results. You can expect undeniable positive movement in your rankings after only 3 months of your campaign, and significant growth after 6 months.* *Brand new sites will take more time than existing/established sites.

Monthly SEO Strategy

The following are various tasks that will be included in your ongoing monthly SEO strategy. Each month we will recommend a combination of these tasks (based on our ongoing analysis, and subject to your approval) which will total up to your monthly budget.

Thorough reports are provided for all work done, as well as a monthly website ranking and traffic performance report.


Technical SEO

  • Fix indexing issues
  • Fix canonicalization
  • Add structured data
  • Create XML sitemap
  • Redirect pages to HTTPS
  • Fix broken links
  • Improve website speed

Keyword Optimization

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • H1s
  • Website Copy
  • Internal Linking

Link Building

  • Directory submissions
  • Link research & outreach
  • Remove toxic links

Content Development

  • Blogging
  • Expanding website content
  • Building new pages

SEO Audit

  • On-page review
  • Off-page review
  • Tracking and performance review

Local SEO

  • Google My Business optimization
  • Primary business listings
  • Data aggregators

Analytics & Reporting

  • Google Analytics
  • Search Console
  • Keyword Rankings

Work Flow


1.Once you get signed up, the first month’s work will initiate a deeper SEO analysis of your current SEO performance as well as in-depth keyword and competitor research. We use this research to build an effective SEO strategy, with proposed tasks for the next month.

2. You can revise and/or approve the proposed tasks. (If we don’t get approval from you within 7 days, then we will move forward with the month’s work as proposed in order to keep on schedule).

3. Once approved, we’ll move forward with the next month’s work.

4. At the end of that month, we’ll provide detailed reports for the work that was done, as well as analysis of the campaign’s overall performance.

1. Once again, we will create a plan for the next month for your review and approval, based on our new analysis.

This cycle continues as long as we’re seeing positive results and growth!

Plans & Notes

All plans include our SEO Fundamentals work

  • Keyword & Competitor Research and Analysis (Initial report and Ongoing)
  • Monitoring of your Google Search Console & Resolving any Indexing Issues
  • Google Analytics Monitoring & Analysis
  • Personalized SEO Consultation & Strategy
  • Monthly SEO Work and Performance Reports

Payment via Credit Card or Paypal

  • We request upfront payment via credit card or Paypal for all monthly SEO work cycles
  • Payment is auto-billed every month on the same day of the first payment
  • If a payment fails, we will pause work until payments have been resolved

No long-term commitment

  • Month-to-month, cancel anytime!

Website Upkeep Services

The SEO Starter Plus and SEO Deluxe Plans include our Website UpKeep Maintenance & Security Service as a bonus. This service ensures your website’s software is properly maintained, runs smoothly without glitches, and is secure from malware infections.

This Service includes:

  • Proactive Software & Server Updates
  • Daily Cloud Backups & Quick Restore
  • SSL/HTTPS Encryption Monitoring
  • Human Testing of the Site
  • Unlimited Bug/Glitch Fixes
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Security Vulnerability Scans & Patching
  • Customer Support via Phone & Email

Those who choose our SEO Starter plan can still opt to add-on our UpKeep service for $59/mo.

Learn more about our UpKeep Plans here.

Did you know that 81% of all purchases begin with an online search? (1) The higher your site ranks in relevant searches, the more customers you will win over a lower-ranking competitor. Today, no successful business can afford to NOT pay attention to SEO.

Your happiness and success is our #1 priority. We are always available to discuss your goals and revise the strategy as needed.

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