Is one online business design company just like another?

At Hog the Web, we don’t think so. Our web design, SEO, maintenance and security services make us a clear choice for a wide range of clients. Our mobile-first design and attention to online best practices have allowed us to create excellent websites and online footprints for several companies, including many big names in various industries.

Ready to take your online presence to the next level? Trust us to design, optimize, maintain, and secure your website. Join the ranks of satisfied clients, and let us elevate your website today.

Here’s some of how we work to deliver value to our customers.

Starting with the Big Picture

Creating an online design for a company is a journey. You don’t start with a cookie-cutter solution and slap it in place with a series of boilerplate steps. You first talk to the client, and really get into the details of how they operate.

Our first role is as a listening ear. To help you “hog the web” and get your market share, we spend time listening and understanding what your needs are. Then we start to put packages together. This often takes the form of collaborative brainstorming – because you have choices, and we want to make sure that you have access to them! We don’t just slap a project together . We come at it from an angle of cooperation and partnership.

The Road Map

Everybody needs a concrete plan to proceed to help them to proceed to the next level when they’re investing in additional marketing firepower.

We offer various priced packages, including different numbers of websites, keyword and research and analysis services, SEO and PPC, on-page and off-page optimization and local and national campaigns according to the different options that would make sense for various categories of client businesses. Then we help you to fine-tune one of those to fit your needs.

Our philosophy is that a client should be able to choose from menu options. You should have structure, but also have choice. It’s kind of a fine line that every design firm walks – but we’ve put some thought into it! No matter what you’re doing, you should be doing it with passion and care for the results. We put that philosophy to work every day.

Get Your Share

The idea is that with these innovative design services, you’re going to stand out, too.

Your company will be able to compete online, where so much of modern commerce takes place. You’ll have the responsive design that helps you gain market share as people shop from their smart phones. It’s all part of creating a deliberate online strategy for today’s marketplace. Ask Hog the Web about what’s possible when you team up with a top design and web services firm to push the envelope toward greater business success.

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