Running a business can be an uphill battle. The competition can be stiff, customers hard to please, and economic conditions uncertain. Business leaders must seize every advantage they can get to remain competitive and thrive. Data analytics is one of the biggest advantages you can give yourself.

Data-enabled companies are 23 times more likely to acquire customers and 19 times more likely to be profitable. ~ According to statistics from Keboola

Below, we share a brief overview of data analytics and explain how you can leverage it to benefit your business in various ways.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the practice of assessing data and deriving key insights from it. In a business context, the goal is to identify relevant patterns to facilitate informed decision-making. You analyze data generated by business processes such as logistics, customer support, and marketing to come up with valuable insights and then make decisions based on said insights. Instead of relying on educated guesswork or intuition, you rely on hard facts. The end result is fewer errors and increased efficiency.

How do you use data analytics? Data analytics can be a part of how you operate, strategize, and grow. It can improve your business processes in various ways. We offer some relevant examples below.

Boost Customer Acquisition & Retention

Data analytics gives you critical information related to your customers – such as their purchase habits, preferences, and pain points. When you understand your customers better, you can upgrade your processes to serve them better, resulting in a boosted acquisition and retention rate. For instance, you can use customer relationship management (CRM) software to gather relevant customer data, manage your relationship with them, and generate more leads for your business. Look for CRM software that best suits your business size and type.

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Improve Marketing & Branding

Your marketing and branding efforts can also be improved through data analytics. For instance, you can measure key marketing metrics – like customer lifetime value, social media engagement, and marketing ROI – to understand your strengths and weaknesses. You can then troubleshoot problems or further refine your efforts. Understanding your customers better also allows you to craft more tailored content that engages your audience effectively.

Manage & Mitigate Risk

Doing business comes with many risks.

How data analytics helps you mitigate risks:

It helps you identify problems, assess their severity, and finally assess your risk-mitigation response.StrategicCFO360

You can figure out ways to reduce the severity of any dangers your various endeavors may be facing. Also, you can determine the effectiveness of your response strategy and make improvements to make it more effective.

Upgrade Your Logistics

Making your logistics efficient involves several considerations – the product, customer needs, timing, transportation, quantity, quality, cost, warehousing, packaging, and other factors. Again, data analytics can be used to gauge your existing efforts and make improvements in places where you fall short. For instance, you can better estimate operational demand and order just enough inventory to fulfill your needs without ordering less or more.

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Enhance Your Business Website

Your website is the virtual face of your business. It’s an important point of contact for your customers – they can get to know you, reach out, and, if applicable, do business with you through your site. Data analytics can make your website better in how it performs, how it looks, and the experience it offers visitors. You can team up with us to create a professional site that offers the best customer experience backed by the power of data analytics. We can make improvements to your existing site or build a new one from scratch.

You may need to share images or documents with relevant information on key metrics with the web designer handling your website upgrade. You may also need to communicate your ideas with them. If the information is available in PDF, you may find it convenient to put the images in the PDF to JPG format for easier sharing and printing. You can use a PDF-to-JPG converter to turn the images into JPGs while maintaining image quality. You can use an online PDF-JPG converter if your goal is to convert a PDF to a JPG for free.

Become a Data-Driven Organization

Leveraging data analytics properly will help you to become a data-driven organization. Such organizations have data integrated into every process, and every decision they make is based on data. Data-driven organizations are new-age ready, can often serve customers better, and have an easier time being competitive.


If data analytics isn’t already a part of how you do things, it’s something you should consider implementing. It will be a bit of an investment upfront and require some internal restructuring, but the rewards – extra efficiency, more accuracy, and peace of mind – can make it all worthwhile.

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